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(Classic vegan schema for a light reduction of weight or for maintaining your weight, by respecting the 3 daily circadian cycles of elimination (from 4 am to 12), of food-appropriation (from 12 to 8 pm) and of assimilation (from 8 pm to 4 am).

7 am FIRST BREAKFAST: fresh orange or grapefruit juice, or melon, or watermelon, or any kind of juicy fruit.

9 am SECOND BREAKFAST: cold-pressed juice of a) carrot-celery-pineapple-ginger
b) beet-celery-apple-ginger
c) Jerusalem artichoke-potato-sweetpotato-ginger

11 am THIRD BREAKFAST: a) Banana and dates (Winter)
b) Grapes, straberries, peaches, figs, nectarines, apricots (Summer)

13 LUNCH a) First plate: abundant green salad as lettuce-cicory-valerian-etc possibly with avocado, seasoned with extravirgin olive oil plus balsamic vinegar, or lemon, or apple vinegar, or fresh pineapple juice. All creamy sauces forbidden.
b) Second plate: aa) Potato, pumpkin, legumes (all cooked as less as possible)
bb) Gazpacho (tomato-onion-cabbage-and whole bread crusts)
cc) Cereals (buckwheat, maize, millet, quinoa, black rice, whole rice)
dd) Cream of cereals and vegetables (cooked not over 16 min in a normal lid covered pot)
ee) Whole pasta “al dente”, with tomato sauce or vegetable sauce
ff) Thin vegetarian pizza with rocket, tomato, avocado, pineapple, etc
c) Third plate: a handful of almonds, pine-nuts, hazelnuts

16 FIRST SNACK: apple, papaya, pineapple

18 SECOND SNACK: raspberries, bluberries, blackberries

19.30 SUPPER: Same as lunch, changing the ingredients


1) The scheme is based on principles and rules, but it should be personalized and adapted to each individual taste, working time and specific needs.
2) In order to increase weight, you can include, as a substitute of the 2nd fructarian breakfast, a cream of rolled oats, added of cereals milk, plus sesame-sunflower-flaxseed-wheat germ, or pop-corn with banana, figs, dates.
3) No drinks during meals. Pure and light water, without gas can be taken half hour before meals or 2-3 hours after.
4) The traveller or the sport-man should plan the day and prepare the evening before some sandwiches with cream of olives or artichokes, with five green leaves, dried tomatoes, avocado, pine-nuts.
5) The only admitted desserts (without sugar or aspartame) are chestnut cake (with raisins and pine-nuts), or apple strudel, or cakes made of tapioca flour, or carob flour.
6) Fruits are anyhow to be consumed always alone, far from lunch and supper, apart apple, papaya, pineapple (these fruits are the only ones containing anti-fermentative enzymes, and can be eaten freely anytime).
7) For a good digestion the criteria is to eat first the rapid digesting foods (fruits require 30 minutes, except banana 2 hours, while green and raw vegetables require 1 hour, cooked veggies need 2 hours, potato and cereals 2-3 hours approx, dries fruits 3 hours.
8) Human body is not fed only by food, but also by fresh air, with deep and regular breaths, by voiding the lungs slowly and totally, and then filling them up to the maximum capability, inserting here and there some empty apnea, by yoga rhythms,
preferably 1-4-2, 2-8-4, 3-12-6, 4-16-8, etc, where the 1st digit are the inspiration seconds, the 2nd digit is the keeping time always in seconds, and the 3rd digit is the expiration time.
9) The right thinking and acting, the harmony with nature and with our brothers the animals, are factors of extreme importance. We have the duty to minimize the damages and the suffering to the creatures which surround us (animals and plants as well), avoiding cruel foods and cannibalistic tendencies. This is part of our spiritual, moral and ethical acting, and it has a fundamental importance.
10)Never consume any food when there is no appetite, when you are tense, nervous, tired, excited.

Valdo Vaccaro
English translation: by the author.


Valdo Vaccaro è orgogliosamente NON-medico, ma igienista e libero ricercatore. Valdo Vaccaro non visita e non prescrive. I colloqui hanno solo scopo informativo, non intendono e non devono sostituire il parere del medico curante.

Scritto da Redazione

Valdo Vaccaro, classe 1943, è ricercatore indipendente, divulgatore e filosofo della salute, orgogliosamente NON-medico. Da sempre ha fatto della dieta vegeto-crudista tendenziale, dell’amore per gli animali e la natura un modo di essere e uno stile di vita, in tutta autonomia e libertà. Valdo ha tenuto centinaia di conferenze in giro per l’Italia e nel mondo trattando vari temi tra cui salute, etica, attualità e altro ancora. Al momento, oltre all’attività sul blog, è direttore scientifico e docente della HSU – Health Science University, la prima scuola di Igienismo Naturale Italiana.

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